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Whenever your order exceeds a certain amount, we've created special coupons that add an additional discount on top. That's right, we've made our great deals even better. Plus, there is no longer a wait for sales! These coupons work all year long. Take a look below to see how it works!

Thank you for shopping with Precious Props!

Note that these discounts cannot be combined with existing coupons!

Purchases over $500- Receive free shipping and 15% using coupon CAMERA
Purchases over $1,000- Receive free shipping and 20% off using coupon PHOTOGRAPH
Purchase over $2,000- Receive free shipping and 25% off using coupon LENS

Want even more savings??
* Free shipping does not apply

Purchases over $3,000 - Receive 30% off
Purchases over $5,000- Receive 40% off
Purchases over $10,000- Receive 50% off

Please contact a sales representative with your order. At that time shipping will be estimated and you may provide your shipper number. If you do not have a shipper number we can arrange shipment through our shipping department.

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.